Legacy Camera Motion

Guess what?  Many of our legacy ReadyHome cameras are now offering motion capability. Supported cameras are in the process of receiving automatic updates now. You will know when your camera update is complete when you see an orange “Motion detected” notification in the upper right corner of a camera view in your mobile app or web portal.  You can now use your legacy cameras to trigger rules in your home to send you a notification or turn on a light.  Need a new camera?  

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You will also notice a motion event listing in the “Activity” section as well. Motion sensitivity is set to “Low” by default. You can adjust sensitivity in your mobile app by going to Settings, Manage Devices, choose the Edit button for the camera and adjust the slider between Off/Low/Med/High. Comporium recommends using the Low setting until you determine the level of activity in front of the camera. 




Compatible Cameras

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Indoor/Outdoor HD Camera



Outdoor HD Camera


  Legacy Indoor/Outdoor Camera
  Legacy Outdoor Camera